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06 February 2012

NVD - record status December 10-December 11...are all your records available for analysis?

Please ensure all your data is entered into the NVD and that your red records are updated as soon as possible. We realise that this requires significant effort by all contributors, but with complete data entry we will be confident in our data analysis reports in addition to demonstrating a commitment to gathering data to support patient safety. There was a 6 month time lag before all records were being entered onto the NVD but this being reduced to currently 2 months delay. This can be seen by comparing this chart against previous ones. We encourage timely entry of records onto the NVD as there is evidence to show that retrospective data entry is more likely to display incomplete data sets. Those centres collecting data in house for upload should try and upload at least 3 monthly. The upload facility is functioning well and uploads should be carried out as soon as possible. If you need any assistance uploading your data please contact Helen Hindley, AAAQIP Data Manager.


The graph above shows the status of AAA records on the NVD per month from August 2010 until October 2011. The White bars represent records that have key data fields complete, the Yellow bars represent records that have all the mandatory fields completed but are still missing some key data. The Red bars represent records that have incomplete mandatory data fields. When records are Yellow and White they can be included in any data analyses that are performed, however Red records cannot be included because the mandatory fields must be complete in order for the records to be analysed.


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